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An Ocean Full of Jak

"This is why I love turtles. When you turn them upside down, they look like they want a hug."  - Jak

A message from Jak's sister and favorite person, Molly - Jak's favorite animal for a very long time was turtles. Turtles of all kinds. Admittedly, we once released a box turtle into a river. Apparently, you're not supposed to do that but don't worry, he didn't drown. There's video on the #JustJak page if you want to see him do so and sing his song about the turtle we found.

He used to have a tiny green turtle named Yoda. We lost him for three weeks. He had escaped his terrarium. No, we don't know how. We've just never had good luck with small animals. I found him in my room after almost stepping on him. He lived a while after that.

He also once tried to take care of one of my dear floormates pet turtle that she couldn't take to college. He did everything for it. But it really missed her.

Point is, turtles have accidentally sustained more abuse than they should have so we think it would be amazing to help Jak properly care for as many turtles as possible.

In lieu of any flowers, the family has agreed that donations to a favorite fund would best honor Jak's memory and most appropriately celebrate his life. He had a fierce love for animals, most especially, turtles. So his parents and siblings chose this sea turtle rescue as their choice for donations. They would love to see those who cared for Jak and his family to adopt a hatchling. The strict (in true Jak fashion) rule here is that you must name your turtle Jak, Jak-Links, or megafireturtle.

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