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Team Mega Fire Turtle

A friend who has been through this told me there are no rules for grieving. We don't know what we're doing. But we knew this had to be done.

Weeks before losing Jak, Ryan talked Molly into a Spartan Sprint. In turn, she talked Jak and Sam into it as well. On Wednesday, this race seemed impossible. But Sam said he wanted to do it. Then Ryan agreed. And then Molly did. Our dear friend Brian agreed to stand in for Jak.

From the sidelines I, Tim, John, AlexGretchenAbi, and Susanna cheered on Team Mega Fire Turtle 🐢 in honor of #JustJak

Team Mega Fire Turtle is as relentless as Jak! Join us in remembering him during the DC Spartan Sprint in June 2018! 

Whether you love him, love the people he loved, or just feel like honoring the memory of an amazing young man you'll be welcome to, as one relative put it, "celebrate his memory by suffering... so it's just like he's there!" 

Registration is open now! Join team "Mega Fire Turtle" using password "Jak2018". 

You'll know who ran with us last year. There the ones in the dingy team shirts.

We love you Jak! #JustJak #teammegafireturtle

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