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Day 3 - Donations

A message from Shana's friend Gretchen Bredemeier: An Ocean Filled With Jak - In lieu of any flowers, the family has agreed that donations to a favorite fund would best honor Jak's memory and most appropriately celebrate his life. He had a fierce love for animals, most especially, turtles. So his parents and siblings chose this sea turtle rescue as their choice for donations. They would love to see those who cared for Jak and his family to adopt a hatchling. The strict (in true Jak fashion) rule here is that you must name your turtle Jak, Jak-Links, or megafireturtle.

Spread the word, guys. Have contests in your workplaces and between families. Let's fill the oceans with tiny pods of adorable happiness and life to truly honor the spirit of our sweet and brilliant, Jak.

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